dFugHUCC Y man jusz Y!!!! (tru reasin behined UU prolm)

2010-05-15 15:10:52 by UziUnion

helo allow me to explan 2 U!

pineapple and pillow had a rl meetup and become good friends and eventually homosexual lovers then went 2 mushroom's house and mushroom was like WTF?!?!?!???? and turd was prety much ballin hard like ballers do but anyway pineapple and pillow FUCKED DRUNK one night and left the gas stove on and then the house exploded and they died and mushroom went to himalaya to join the monks and find himself inside his soul and turd was killed in driveby cuz balling is gay as fuck also golden failed school and was kicked out by his parents and now he lives on the street and sucks off homeless ppl for boom boom dollaz cuz he a lil faggot and ummmm i went to college and work everyday as a locomotive engineer

- carrot

dFugHUCC Y man jusz Y!!!! (tru reasin behined UU prolm)


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2010-05-16 18:10:03

after years


2010-06-06 17:20:53

ahh all the cool crews are returning :) (seriously im glad to se such a reunion happening)


2010-07-27 00:09:11

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2010-08-15 02:23:38



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